NATUREKNACK™ Reusable Capsule For Nespresso

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2capusles 1tam 1sp

Kitchen overflowing with coffee pods? Not anymore

Kitchen overflowing with plastic coffee pods?

Never buy another one again with our

♻️ Reusable & Refillable ☕️ Coffee ☕️Pods ♻️

Fits your cupboard and your favorite coffee!

Capsule Nespresso Reutilisable Inox 2 In 1
  • Usage Nespresso Refillable Capsule
  • Crema Espresso Reusable
  • Refillable Nespresso



- Compatible with Nespresso machine model.
- Food Grade stainless steel material, safe, non-toxic.
- Can be used repeatedly, no additional waste material.
- Saving money, convenient cleaning and environmental protection.
- You can DIY according to their own preferences filling, multi-purpose.
- Non-toxic food grade silicone rubber ring for seal.