NATUREKNACK™ Reusable Stretch Lids (6 pieces)

White 6 Pcs 1 Set
Blue 6 Pcs 1 Set
Pink 6 Pcs 1 Set

Reusable Stretch Lid - Keep food fresh in one simple stretch!

Save your money and protect our environment by replacing your plastic wrap with our Reusable Stretch Lid! With just one simple stretch, you can keep your food nice and fresh!

Magic Lids ™ Reusable Stretch Lids (6 pieces)


SAFE & ENVIRONMENTAL: 100% Food grade silicone environmental protection material. BPA free & FDA Certification.


STRETCHY: Silicone tops are round yet stretchy enough to fit snugly over odd-shaped mugs, pots, bowls, and fruit.

VERSATILE: A set comes with 6 different sizes, making it suitable for a variety of sizes and shapes of bowls, glasses, and even fruit.

LEAK-PROOF SEAL: Once sealed, the lids ensure that an accidental tumble of the glass doesn’t spill the liquid over.

REUSABLE: Completely dishwasher-safe! Use them as many times as you like! Protect the environment and save money in the long-term!

MICROWAVE-FRIENDLY: Microwave-safe & heat-resistant to 232°C/450˚F, so you can quickly reheat & enjoy delicious leftovers.


Each set includes 6 different sizes as the following.