Do You Spend A Lot Of Time Cleaning In The Bathroom And Kitchen While Hurting Your Back And Knees?


Get Electric Power Cleaning Scrubber!It Is The Greatest Solution To Your Problem!

It Makes Cleaning Easy, Quick And Painless!

Fast And Easy Cleaning - The Rotating Brush Spins Away Dirt With Minimal Effort And Without Harsh, Abrasive Chemical.
Perfect For People With Joint, Knee And Back Pain - Clean Without Bending Or Kneeling(Extension Handle Reaches Up To 4 Ft./1.12 M. And For Normal People, It Is Necessary To Prevent These Types Of Injuries.
Perfect For Cleaning Kitchen, Bathroom, Garden, Car Etc. Does Not Cause Any Scratches Or Marks While Maintaining Great Cleaning Results.
Reach The Most Hard-To-Reach Areas, Corners And Crevices Without Any Effort.
Comes With 3 Different Brush Heads To Suit All Your Cleaning Needs.
For Both Indoor And Outdoor Use (We Recommend Having 2 Different Units To Separate Indoor And Outdoor Use For Best Long Term Results.)
Cut Trough StainSoap Scum, Mildew And Grime.
Waterproof - The Water-Proof Seal Design Makes It Safe To Operate Under Wet Conditions Such As Showers, Tubs, Sinks, Etc.
Cordless And Rechargeable -  More Convenient And Hassle-Free, Avoid Tripping, Just Ensure To Charge It For Next Usage.
 Electric Power Spin Turbo Scrubber for Home Bathroom | HomesFan
 Charging Time: 5 Hours
Work Time: About 60 Minutes

Maximum Length:  112cm / 41"
Minimum Length: 64cm / 25"
Flat Brush Head Diameter: 12.5cm / 4.92"
Round Brush Head Diameter: 11.5cm / 4.52"
Cone Brush Head Diameter: 5.5cm / 2.16"